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“At Austin Lighting, we specialize in commercial lighting design and development to help businesses and commercial settings reach their full potential.”

Austin Lighting - Commercial Design Development

Well-designed lighting systems can make all the difference in any setting. This is especially true in commercial environments where it can contribute so much towards presenting the right atmosphere for your business. At Austin Lighting, we specialize in commercial lighting design and development to help businesses and commercial settings reach their full potential.

We have a team of highly experienced and trained experts that have a full understanding of the various lighting solutions that can be integrated into different spaces while making sure that they are personalized to consider your needs. Part of their training in lighting Austin TX is understanding the different spaces and settings that they are working on and taking into account your specific preferences and goals.

When you decide to bring us in as your lighting service provider, expect that we will offer:

Personalized consultations
We believe that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all lighting solution. Different business settings will have different needs and requirements to maximize the space. This is why we take the time to speak with our clients to know exactly what they want and what their goals are and come up with solutions that will work around them.

Design development consultations
We don’t just work for you, we work with you too. Sure, we may have the skillset and the knowledge of what it takes to come up with an efficiently designed lighting system, but all that means nothing if we do not take into account what you actually need and want. We value your input which is why we will always defer to you as the final decision-maker at the end of the day.

On-site walkthroughs​
To make sure that the solutions we are proposing are indeed appropriate for the respective spaces they will be added to, we always take the time to do site-visits ahead of time. Planning is always easier and less of a hassle when we get a good idea of the dimensions and lighting requirements of the space we will be working on.

On top of that, you can also expect us to carry out the following as part of our commercial design development efforts:
 Per spec/VE options
 Fixture scheduling
 Setting a pre-construction budget
 Landscape design

When you choose Austin Lighting for your commercial lighting development and design needs, known that you will be assisted by industry professionals who are not only trained in the field but are highly experienced too. Having ensured that our lighting specialists are kept up to date with the latest and the newest in the industry, expect bright, innovative and modern ideas when you choose Austin Lighting.​

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