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“At Austin Lighting, we specialize in Controls Supply / Design and development to help residential, businesses and commercial settings reach their full potential.”

Austin Lighting - Controls Supply / Design

When it comes to lighting controls and design, you want to trust only those with a proven track record to get the installation done. At Austin Lighting, we bring in innovative design and practical solutions that will feature next-generation elements to allow you to maximize your residential lighting Austin TX set- up.

Most people often associate lights with an on and off switch. However, there is more to it than that especially when set-up by capable hands that have a really good grasp of the technology involved in control design. As experts in the industry, expect us to bring about a variety of solutions that will allow you to get the most of your lighting setup.

System controls
We take pride in our automation control setup which makes it possible to manipulate your lighting to achieve that perfect aesthetic every time. You can even use the automation control to change the lighting to suit a specific atmosphere.

Varied interfaces
We make controlling and manipulating the lighting system easier too. Our multi-gadget set-up means that you can get your system manipulated right from the palm of your hands by using your phone, laptop or tablet. It doesn’t matter where you are or when you wish to change your lighting settings— we make things easy for you.

Dimming technology
Not everybody prefers a well-lit setting and the same goes for people that don’t like it when things seem a bit too dim. We can help you personalize your lighting system to fit the different requirements of your space through a variety of automation systems be it for incandescent or LED fixtures.

Energy savings
About 20% of an average home’s electricity bill will be spent on lighting. Businesses on the other hand will spend between 39% and 52% on lighting costs. Through our commercial control solutions, these numbers can be easily cut in half.

You will be assisted by trained and highly experienced technical engineers. Their main responsibility is to get your system designed as efficiently and effectively as they can with your business and commercial needs taken into account. Our system will get programmed to ensure that managing it is going to be a hassle-free experience for you. With us on the helm, you can easily just sit back and relax and enjoy our work.

​We take the time to deliver top-notch service every time. When you tap Austin Lighting for your commercial lighting needs, expect that you will be extended personal consultations to ensure that your needs and preferences are at the forefront. With qualified and experienced engineers assisting you every step of the way, the only kind of service you can expect from Austin Lighting is the best!

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