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“At Austin Lighting, we are specialists in commercial lighting retrofitting for energy efficiency. “

Austin Lighting - Energy Efficiency / Retrofitting

If your utility bill seems to reflect that you have been spending an obscene amount on your lighting, it’s high time that you consider finding solutions that will help pull the numbers down. You’ll be surprised how much your monthly costs can add up if you’re not careful. A commercial lighting Austin TX retrofitting may be something you will want to look into to address this.

A retrofitted building, warehouse, office or any commercial setting for that matter will be more energy- efficient which can lead to lower utility costs. In the long run, this can lead to more profit for your business compared to just making do with a manually-maintained auditioning system. It is common practice these days for commercial buildings to get retrofitted. Needless to say, if you want yours done, you want only the best professionals to take on the job.

At Austin Lighting, we are specialists in commercial lighting retrofitting. Over the years, we have been a reliable partner among commercial and business property owners who needed a helping hand in bringing down their monthly utility costs. We have been in the service for years and have a dedicated team of lighting specialists and engineers that will help get your lighting system up to date with the best that the industry offers.

When your lighting system gets retrofitted, you don’t just get to experience a lower bill. Along with a more affordable monthly energy cost, you’ll also be able to enjoy less maintenance which leads to less waste. Energy-efficient light bulbs, which are going to be used for retrofitting, are known to last up to 25 times longer than the older, traditional bulbs More importantly, they consume up to 80% less energy. Not only do you get to save more as a result of lighting retrofitting, you get to reduce your carbon footprint too— something the environment will thank you for.

At Austin Lighting, experienced and trained lighting engineers will take care of your lighting retrofitting needs. With us at the helm, expect:

 Energy usage reduction which leads to more affordable utility costs
 Better illumination for your business setting which can improve overall productivity
 Maintain design integrity as we offer solutions that are tailored fit to your needs and the type of structure we are working on
 Carbon footprint reduction so you’re doing your part at preserving the environment
 Expect a minimum 50% reduction of your utility costs which in the long run is going to amount to some impressive savings!

Lighting retrofitting isn’t just a task you will want to be handled by random lighting companies in Central Texas. Choose the best by choosing Austin Lighting!

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