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“At Austin Lighting, we will offer residential design development expertise and advice to get the project started on the right footing.​”

Austin Lighting - Residential Design Development

Planning on replacing the fighting in your home? Do you have a new property that you need to install light fixtures for? As simple as lighting Austin TX may sound, you’ll find that there is more to choosing the right system than just shopping around and picking the specific items you are interested in. In fact, you might want to consider coordinating with professional lighting services to help you choose the best fixtures that will not only meet your aesthetic requirements but practical ones as well.

Austin Lighting is one of the leading lighting experts in Central Texas and other nearby areas. Offering a wide range of contemporary, classic and modern lighting services, we have since established ourselves as a reliable partner for residential property owners that need a helping hand in getting the right lighting elements set up for their homes— from simple light fittings to full-on lighting design solutions.

When you tap us for your lighting project, we will offer design expertise and advice to get the project started on the right footing. This means getting one of our experts to come to your place to make the necessary assessments on the ideal lighting system that will compliment your home We believe that no two home will require the same lighting needs this is why we put considerable emphasis on seeing things first hand before we start drafting any of the solutions and suggestions we have in mind.

To ensure that we take your individual needs and preferences into account, any residential design and development project that we take on will go through the following steps:

  • Complimentary consultation which we offer for free to get an idea of what you want and what you need as well as offer to you a variety of suggestions that may coincide with your vision as far as your home lighting system goes.
  • In-home walk-through ensures that the suggestions and advice we provide you with are banked on real-life aspects of your residential space. This allows us to make adjustments in the design as well as in the fixtures that we will be adding into space to ensure that everything complements each other.
  • Budgetary accommodations because we are more than happy to take into consideration your budget limitations while making sure you’re getting the best value your money can buy.
  • Personalized design layouts where we make sure that the design of the lighting system in your home is tailored-fit for the type of space you have and all the other elements at play.
  • Preliminary option choices to give you a good idea of the potential choices available for you while giving you as much background detail for each to help you make informed, educated decisions.

When it comes to residential lighting design development, choose one with years of experience and with the reputation to boot. If you’re looking for lighting services that will never disappoint, choose Austin Lighting.

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